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Battlestar Ragnarok

Rated: E
Fandom: Thor
Characters: Loki, Thor
Genre: AU, Darkfic, Family, Hurt/Comfort, Science Fiction
Warnings: Dubious Consent, Explicit Sexual Content, Incest, Mpreg, Underage
Summary: Thor is killed in a Cylon attack following Ragnarok. A week later, Loki discovers he's pregnant—which is impossible. But the strangeness is only beginning.

Black Lace

Rated: E
Fandom: Thor
Characters: Loki, Thor
Genre: Humor, PWP/Smut
Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content
Summary: Loki likes lacy lingerie. A lot.

Between Salt and Sand

Rated: M
Fandom: Captain America
Characters: Brock Rumlow, Bucky Barnes, Helen Cho, Sam Wilson, Stephen Strange, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark
Genre: AU, Fantasy, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Science Fiction, Steampunk, Worldbuilding
Warnings: Drug Use, Dubious Consent, Emotional/Psychological Abuse, Underage
Summary: Hydra is set to conquer the world's oceans. Only Captain Steve Rogers and the crew of the Americus stand in their way.

Before the Vampires

Rated: M
Fandom: Other Fandoms
Characters: Michael Emerson, Sam Emerson
Genre: Angst, Family, Poetry, Supernatural
Warnings: None
Summary: (The Lost Boys) Sam misses the old days with Michael.


Rated: T
Fandom: Alex Rider
Characters: Alex Rider, Yassen Gregorovich
Genre: Angst, AU, Drabble, Hurt/Comfort, Mystery, Supernatural
Warnings: Graphic Violence
Summary: Alex knew that somehow, somewhere, he’d been poisoned, and now it was slowly killing him. Prompts: blood, poison, safe, stain, time, reveal, match, razor, sleep.

Be It Ever So Humble

Rated: G
Fandom: Band of Brothers
Characters: Dick Winters, Lewis Nixon
Genre: Drabble, Family
Warnings: None
Summary: Winters takes Nixon home to meet the parents. Prompts: skittish, home, prisoner, parent, relief.

Bend Over

Rated: T
Fandom: Ronin Warriors
Characters: Rowen Hashiba, Sage Datier
Genre: Friendship, Humor
Warnings: Old Work
Summary: Sage dares Rowen to bend over backward.

Because I Got High

Rated: M
Fandom: Ronin Warriors
Characters: Rowen Hashiba
Genre: Crack/Humor, Parody
Warnings: Drug Use, Explicit Language, Explicit Sexual Content, Old Work
Summary: Rowen's life spirals out of control because of his marijuana addiction.


Rated: M
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Characters: Catherine Bloom, Duo Maxwell, Heero Yuy, Quatre Raberba Winner, Trowa Barton/Triton Bloom, Wufei Chang
Genre: Crack/Humor, Friends to Lovers, Humor, Parody, Romance
Warnings: Explicit Language, Explicit Sexual Content, Old Work
Summary: Gundam Wing meets Titanic and explodes, killing dozens. 2x1, 3x4.

Bad Day

Rated: T
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Characters: Quatre Raberba Winner, Trowa Barton/Triton Bloom
Genre: Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Warnings: Old Work
Summary: Try to imagine the worst day you ever had, multiply it times ten, and it equals this fic about poor Quatre's no good, terrible, horrible, awful day. 3x4