Tags: Torture


Immortal Grace

Rated: Mature
Fandom: Other Fandoms
Characters: Boromir, Celeborn, Denethor, Elves, Faramir, Galadriel, Haldir, Legolas, The Fellowship, Thranduil
Tags: Adventure, Enemies to Friends, Fantasy, Fantasy & Mythological Creatures, Friends to Lovers, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, M/M, M/X, Romance, Slow Burn, Torture
Warnings: Graphic Violence
Summary: (Lord of the Rings) Coldness and distrust runs deep between Boromir of Gondor and Legolas of Mirkwood; and it isn't until the Elf saves the man from death that the two discover much deeper feelings are running between them.

Battlestar Ragnarok

Rated: Explicit
Fandom: Thor
Characters: Loki, Thor
Tags: Alternate Universe, Babies/Children, Darkfic, Dubious Consent, Family, Ficlet, Hurt/Comfort, Incest, M/X, Moodboard, Mpreg, Pregnancy, Science Fiction, Sexual Content, Supernatural, Torture
Warnings: Underage
Summary: Thor is killed in a Cylon attack following Ragnarok. A week later, Loki discovers he's pregnant—which is impossible. But the strangeness is only beginning.

All That He Wants

Rated: Mature
Fandom: Thor
Characters: Loki, Thor
Tags: Alternate Universe, Babies/Children, Dubious Consent, Emotional/Psychological Abuse, Family, Ficlet, Hurt/Comfort, Incest, M/X, Mpreg, Past Abuse, Pregnancy, Sexual Abuse, Tentacles, Torture
Warnings: Rape/Non-Con
Summary: (6L1T) Messing with time during the Infinity War results in six different Lokis all living together under the same roof in New Asgard. They form a harem and eagerly begin to fill their new home with Thor's children.

All, that is, except one.

Lost Together

Rated: Mature
Fandom: Captain America
Characters: Brock Rumlow, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers
Tags: Angst, Emotional/Psychological Abuse, Friends to Lovers, Hurt/Comfort, Language, M/M, Self-Harm, Slow Burn, Torture
Warnings: No Warnings Apply
Summary: Brock Rumlow had everything neatly planned out: his escape from HYDRA, a new identity, a faraway home, a clean slate and a fresh start. Then the Winter Soldier stepped in front of his getaway car and changed everything.

Totality of Defeat

Rated: Explicit
Fandom: Ronin Warriors
Characters: Anubis, Cale, Cye Maury, Dais, Kento Rei Fuan, Rowen Hashiba, Ryo Sanada, Sage Datier
Tags: Alternate Universe, Angst, Darkfic, Dubious Consent, Emotional/Psychological Abuse, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, M/M, Multiple Relationships, Outdated Content, Past Abuse, PTSD, PWP/Smut, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Content, Slow Burn, Torture, Unfinished
Warnings: Rape/Non-Con
Summary: Ryo Sanadus is a young Roman general captured by the cruel and merciless Spartan general, Morinum, and forced into a shameful life of slavery.