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Kid Me Not

Rated: Mature
Fandom: Band of Brothers
Characters: Dick Winters, Harry Welsh, Lewis Nixon
Tags: Alternate Universe, Babies/Children, Crack/Humor, Friendship, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Language, M/M, Supernatural, Unfinished
Warnings: No Warnings Apply
Summary: Winters and Nixon drink a mysterious wine on VE Day, and find that it makes them younger. In Nixon's case, a lot younger.

Right In Der Führer’s Face

Rated: General
Fandom: Band of Brothers
Characters: Carwood Lipton, Dick Winters, Harry Welsh, Lewis Nixon, Ron Speirs
Tags: Crack/Humor, Drabble, Humor
Warnings: None
Summary: The officers of Easy play a little dress-up. Prompts: emerge, boots, official.

Skin Change

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