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Alex Rider [16]
Alex Rider was a typical 14-year-old British schoolboy until the death of his uncle plunged him into a world of spies, assassins, adventure, and family secrets.
Band of Brothers [80]
From D-Day to VE Day, the world depended on the Screaming Eagles of the 101st Airborne, the elite parachute infantry regiment of World War II.
Good Omens [14]
Aziraphale is an angel. Crowley is a demon. Despite their differences, the two are longtime friends, which makes for some rather interesting lunch dates.
Gundam Wing [27]
Five young mobile suit pilots fight to free the space colonies from a tyrannical earth government in the year A.C. 195.
Marvel [37]
Stories from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and other forms of Marvel media.
Metalocalypse [12]
They are Dethklok, the most successful and brutal death metal band in the world... and they are absolute dumbasses.
Other Fandoms [17]
Odds and ends from various fandoms, including Metalocalypse, Lord of the Rings, Legend of Zelda, Van Helsing, and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.
Ronin Warriors [30]
Five highly-skilled teenage samurai band together to fight an evil dynasty with the aid of their mystical suits of armor.

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