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The Vacation Fic

Rating: T
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Characters: Duo Maxwell, Heero Yuy, Quatre Raberba Winner, Trowa Barton/Triton Bloom, Wufei Chang
Summary: Trowa wins a free vacation for five in a box of cereal, and everything pretty much goes to hell from there. Booze, barf, spiders, sunburn, slapstick, toilet humor and other crazy, crude shenanigans ensue.
Genre: Adventure, Crack/Humor, Humor
Warnings: None
Words: 21,815   Chapters: 4   Hits: 13,464   Published: 20 Sep 2010   Updated: 01 Mar 2016   Completed: No
Story Notes: Originally published in 2000. Undergoing revision since 2008.

1. Veni Vidi Vacation (5773 words)

2. Sunburn and Sobriety (4320 words)

3. The Wicked Whiff of the West (6608 words)

4. Coins, Clams and Calamity (5114 words)

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