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The Revenge of the Houseplants

Rating: T
Fandom: Good Omens
Characters: Aziraphael, Crowley, demons, Hastur
Summary: FACT: Crowley's houseplants have been suffering for years at the hands of their merciless master. QUESTION: What happens when Hastur offers them a chance to avenge their misery? ANSWER: (read fic)
Series: None
Genre: Friendship, Humor, Supernatural
Warnings: None
Words: 11,572   Chapters: 3   Hits: 28,377   Published: 06 Oct 2010   Updated: 06 Oct 2010   Completed: Yes
Story Notes: Written circa 2005.

1. Chapter 1 (3633 words)

2. Chapter 2 (7549 words)

3. Epilogue (390 words)

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