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You Are My OTP
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Story Notes:

Written circa 2005.
We’re one and whole, a pairing true
when it’s only me and you.
No one else could ever be
the same as you, my OTP.

Almost canon, you and me,
with subtle hints and UST.
There’s no such thing as OOC
because there is no need to be.

Some will try to say we’re not
a couple since we’ve got a lot
of differences, and we’ll admit:
it separates us just a bit.

But not enough to break the bond
that has been growing for so long
between our hearts; you can’t deny
the OTP is you and I.

I’ll be yours if you’ll be mine,
we’ll keep this ‘tween just you and I,
forever on, for all of time,
this light of ours will always shine.

We’ll LOL the live long day
and hope this happy we will stay
Forever, ‘cause it’s plain to see
we are each other’s OTP!

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