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10 Shortest Stories

Kill Some Ants • Reviews: 0

Rated: T
Summary: Because, really, they need to die.

Making the Best of It • Reviews: 0

Rated: K+
Summary: Luz makes the best of a bad situation. Prompt: stocking.

Some Things Never Change • Reviews: 0

Rated: K
Summary: Winters didn't change much. Prompt: uniformity.

In a Little While, Iíll Be Gone • Reviews: 1

Rated: T
Summary: Skip began to think the Ardennes was cursed. Prompt: daydream.

Hey Jealousy • Reviews: 1

Rated: K+
Summary: Nixon can be a jealous man. Prompt: flags.

Kaputt in Kaprun • Reviews: 0

Rated: K+
Summary: Easy was bored. And when Easy got bored, people got hurt. Prompt: cloud.

Star Light, Star Bright • Reviews: 0

Rated: T
Summary: Easy Company in Normandy. Prompt: star light

Flies Spread Disease • Reviews: 3

Rated: T
Summary: Brought to you by the United States Surgeon General. Prompt: film.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger • Reviews: 1

Rated: K
Summary: Sobel pushes Easy Company. Prompt: fast.

And It Burns, Burns, Burns • Reviews: 2

Rated: T
Summary: If love was a flame, Webster was in Hell. Prompt: fire.

Random Story

Taking One for the Team
Rated: T
Webster never volunteered for anything. Prompt: honey.

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