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More Marvel Managing

07 Dec 2017 05:04 PM  

I added subcategories to the main Marvel category, as well as did a little bit of cleanup and organizing with the Genres, Warnings, and Characters. I've got a couple new stories from AO3 to post here, so stay tuned for those. Also, I'm still working on bringing back some of my old super-explicit works. They'll be here whenever as soon as I go into the back-end of my server and get those values restored to my database.

Fandom Fusion

21 Mar 2017 09:00 AM  

You might have noticed the "Ghost Rider" category has disappeared. Fear not. I consolidated all Marvel-related fanfiction into a new category called "Marvel", where you'll be able to find my Ghost Rider fics as well as stories from the X-Men universe and MCU's Captain America. This ought to make browsing a little easier. Maybe. I don't know. I just wanted to have a Marvel category, I guess. I was definitely overdue for one.

New Years Resolutions

17 Feb 2017 09:09 AM  

So it's 2017 now and I've decided to restore some of the old x-rated fanfics I either put in storage or removed last time I updated. (I'm still a good person, don't judge me on the filth I write.) I'll be going into my database tables and re-installing these stories over the course of however long it takes me. Might be anything from hours to weeks, depending on any issues I might encounter. Nevertheless, I hope the addition of these horrific stories will go largely unnoticed and not tarnish any good impressions I've made upon you, Dear Reader.


16 Jun 2016 07:08 AM  

I've been enjoying a return to the Gundam Wing fandom recently and been doing a lot of writing, enough to justify resurrecting the category here at the archive. While I was messing around on the backend, I figured I needed to toss my Metalocalypse works into the Other Fandoms category since I only had 4 works in it. I try to keep things neat around here if I can. So if you're looking for Dethklok fics, don't panic, just head to Other Fandoms and you'll find them.

Hard at Play

02 Mar 2016 06:12 AM  

Got a couple new skins designed (more will be on the way soon), plus an update on a moldy (but still golden) oldie from my Gundam Wing fandom days. It is currently the oldest fic of mine (coming up on 16 years--old enough to drive on its own) that is still a work in progress. Maybe this time around I'll finally finish it instead of keeping readers hanging on for another 8 years.

New skins on the way

29 Jan 2016 02:52 PM  

Greetings, readers! I'm working on developing a few different skins in an effort to help improve legibility and decrease eye strain (also, writing CSS relaxes me and I like to change things up every now and then). Right now I've got just this galaxy theme, but more will be forthcoming. I'll be putting up the skin-change option box pretty soon, too. In the meantime, just sit back and enjoy the stars.

Grand Re-opening

25 Sep 2015 09:27 AM  

It's been a long time coming, but I finally got around to updating my fiction software and developing a new skin. Not only is this new layout more streamlined and navigable, but it's also formatted to look good on any size screen, tablet or smartphone--in other words, it's gone mobile! There may still be a code or two that needs tweaking, so if you come across something weird, just contact me and let me know in case I missed it!

Also, as you may have noticed, there aren't as many fics as there was; I did some much-needed pruning and got rid of a lot of old, embarrassing, and downright awful fics that really had no business being in public. I hope to fill the void with lots of good, quality works and eventually hit my million-wordcount mark again. So stay tuned for more fics coming soon!

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