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Battlestar Ragnarok

Rated: E
Fandom: Thor (Movies)
Characters: Loki, Thor
Genre: AU, Darkfic, Family, Hurt/Comfort, Science Fiction
Warnings: Dubious Consent, Explicit Sexual Content, Incest, Mpreg, Underage
Summary: Thor is killed in a Cylon attack following Ragnarok. A week later, Loki discovers he's pregnant—which is impossible. But the strangeness is only beginning.

Black Lace

Rated: E
Fandom: Thor (Movies)
Characters: Loki, Thor
Genre: Humor, PWP/Smut
Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content
Summary: Loki likes lacy lingerie. A lot.

Between Salt and Sand

Rated: M
Fandom: Captain America
Characters: Brock Rumlow, Bucky Barnes, Helen Cho, Sam Wilson, Stephen Strange, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark
Genre: AU, Fantasy, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Science Fiction, Steampunk, Worldbuilding
Warnings: Drug Use, Dubious Consent, Emotional/Psychological Abuse, Underage
Summary: Hydra is set to conquer the world's oceans. Only Captain Steve Rogers and the crew of the Americus stand in their way.

Before the Vampires

Rated: M
Fandom: Other Fandoms
Characters: Michael Emerson, Sam Emerson
Genre: Angst, Family, Poetry, Supernatural
Warnings: None
Summary: (The Lost Boys) Sam misses the old days with Michael.


Rated: T
Fandom: Alex Rider
Characters: Alex Rider, Yassen Gregorovich
Genre: Angst, AU, Drabble, Hurt/Comfort, Mystery, Supernatural
Warnings: Graphic Violence
Summary: Alex knew that somehow, somewhere, he’d been poisoned, and now it was slowly killing him. Prompts: blood, poison, safe, stain, time, reveal, match, razor, sleep.

Be It Ever So Humble

Rated: G
Fandom: Band of Brothers
Characters: Dick Winters, Lewis Nixon
Genre: Drabble, Family
Warnings: None
Summary: Winters takes Nixon home to meet the parents. Prompts: skittish, home, prisoner, parent, relief.

Bend Over

Rated: T
Fandom: Ronin Warriors
Characters: Rowen Hashiba, Sage Datier
Genre: Friendship, Humor
Warnings: Old Work
Summary: Sage dares Rowen to bend over backward.

Because I Got High

Rated: M
Fandom: Ronin Warriors
Characters: Rowen Hashiba
Genre: Crack/Humor, Parody
Warnings: Drug Use, Explicit Language, Explicit Sexual Content
Summary: Rowen's life spirals out of control because of his marijuana addiction.


Rated: M
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Characters: Catherine Bloom, Duo Maxwell, Heero Yuy, Quatre Raberba Winner, Trowa Barton/Triton Bloom, Wufei Chang
Genre: Crack/Humor, Friends to Lovers, Humor, Parody, Romance
Warnings: Explicit Language, Explicit Sexual Content, Old Work
Summary: Gundam Wing meets Titanic and explodes, killing dozens. 2x1, 3x4.

Bad Day

Rated: T
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Characters: Quatre Raberba Winner, Trowa Barton/Triton Bloom
Genre: Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Warnings: Old Work
Summary: Try to imagine the worst day you ever had, multiply it times ten, and it equals this fic about poor Quatre's no good, terrible, horrible, awful day. 3x4

Random Story

In Mysterious Ways
Rated: T
Things were getting better. The future was bright, winter was over, and by the grace of God, the sun was shining on Easy Company once more. Then, sometime...

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