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A Bat Out Of Hell • Reviews: 3

Rated: T
Summary: Aziraphale has a serious problem when bats take up residence in the attic of his bookshop.

A Better Idea • Reviews: 6

Rated: T
Summary: Webster rants about war, but what else is new. Prompt: civil war.

A Boys' Game • Reviews: 4

Rated: M
Summary: (Young Guns II) Dave is trapped in a one-sided, unhealthy relationship with Billy, but discovers an unlikely companion in the half-breed Indian he once hated. Dave/Billy, Chavez/Dave.

A Certain Young Lady • Reviews: 1

Rated: T
Summary: Lewis Nixon heads to Aldbourne on a furlough, leaving behind a problem he doesn't know how to fix and a friend he doesn't want to lose.

A Friend Like Mine • Reviews: 4

Rated: K
Summary: An ode to a best friend.

A Long Walk Off a Short Pier • Reviews: 2

Rated: K+
Summary: A coda to the lake scene in "Points". Prompt: swimming.

A Man Worth Following • Reviews: 3

Rated: T
Summary: Winters find himself fighting two wars as he struggles to lead Easy Company and save his and Nixon's friendship from being torn apart by alcoholism.

A Reasonable Explanation • Reviews: 1

Rated: T
Summary: As reasonable as being abducted by aliens can get.

A Sharp Blade and a Steady Hand • Reviews: 1

Rated: K+
Summary: Nixon needs a shave. Winters volunteers. Prompts: determination, shave, metal.

Advice From A Math-Challenged Kid • Reviews: 1

Rated: K+
Summary: A poem I wrote in my mid-teens about how much I hated algebra.

All Roads Lead • Reviews: 5

Rated: T
Summary: (Ghost Rider) The Prince of Hell is left for dead on a desolate desert highway. Johnny Blaze is the man who finds him, and takes it upon himself to cure his evil ways. Can it be done, or is the Devil's son beyond all redemption? DISCONTINUED.

Always Will Be • Reviews: 4

Rated: T
Summary: The night before the assault on Talpa's castle, Ryo wanders the city streets and crosses paths with the Ancient One. Ryo quickly discovers the monk's plans of self-sacrifice...and refuses to let him go through with it.

An Amusing Account of Angelic Addiction • Reviews: 1

Rated: T
Summary: In the days when angels walked the earth with clubs and demons dressed as conquistadors comes a tale of overseas adventures, rioting pirates, and the true story behind the history of chocolate.

And a Nice Chianti • Reviews: 3

Rated: K+
Summary: Alex sure does meet some interesting criminals... Prompt: organs

And It Burns, Burns, Burns • Reviews: 2

Rated: T
Summary: If love was a flame, Webster was in Hell. Prompt: fire.

Any Other Name • Reviews: 5

Rated: M
Summary: Trowa Barton develops a perverse fascination with a nameless young technician in A.C. 194.

Axiom of Grace • Reviews: 4

Rated: T
Summary: (Lord of the Rings) Coldness and distrust runs deep between Boromir of Gondor and Legolas of Mirkwood; and it isn't until the Elf saves the man from death that the two discover much deeper feelings are running between them.

Random Story

Be It Ever So Humble
Rated: K
Winters takes Nixon home to meet the parents. Prompts: skittish, home, prisoner, parent, relief.

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