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Genre: poetry


A Friend Like Mine • Reviews: 4

Rated: K
Summary: An ode to a best friend.

A Reasonable Explanation • Reviews: 1

Rated: T
Summary: As reasonable as being abducted by aliens can get.

Advice From A Math-Challenged Kid • Reviews: 1

Rated: K+
Summary: A poem I wrote in my mid-teens about how much I hated algebra.

Before the Vampires • Reviews: 5

Rated: T+
Summary: (The Lost Boys) Sam misses the old days with Michael.

Fear of the Sun • Reviews: 1

Rated: T
Summary: Somewhere out west of the mountains...

The Ballad of Angus MacGregor • Reviews: 1

Rated: T
Summary: Cye's cousin Angus comes to visit. Bad things happen.

The Hermit In The Hills • Reviews: 3

Rated: K+
Summary: An old hermit yearns to be loved.

The Night Before Talpa Invaded Japan • Reviews: 0

Rated: K+
Summary: Like The Night Before Christmas, only stupider.

The Prince of Tide • Reviews: 0

Rated: K
Summary: The true story of Cye Maury.

The Shore • Reviews: 0

Rated: M
Summary: He asked him to come to the shore... Nixon/Winters.

The Vampire on the Train • Reviews: 0

Rated: T
Summary: I wrote a poem in German. Poor German. This is the translation.

You Are My OTP • Reviews: 0

Rated: K+
Summary: If you've got a fandom, you've got an OTP.

Random Story

And a Nice Chianti
Rated: K+
Alex sure does meet some interesting criminals... Prompt: organs

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