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Joe Liebgott


Ein Perfekte Geschenk (The Perfect Gift) • Reviews: 2

Rated: K+
Summary: David's birthday presents suck...so far. Prompt: typewriter.

He Donít Like the Drugs • Reviews: 1

Rated: K+
Summary: Webster refused drugs. Prompts: labor, hell.

Pretty in Pink • Reviews: 0

Rated: K
Summary: “So whadda ya gonna do after ya graduate?” Prompt: pointe shoes.

Star Light, Star Bright • Reviews: 0

Rated: T
Summary: Easy Company in Normandy. Prompt: star light

The Bard of Haguenau • Reviews: 0

Rated: T
Summary: Everyone's a critic. Prompt: tomorrow.

The New Arrival • Reviews: 0

Rated: K+
Summary: David Webster is expecting. Prompt: pride.

We Never Land Upon Our Feet • Reviews: 0

Rated: T
Summary: When Liebgott met Webster. Prompts: airborne, silk.

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Simple Needs
Rated: T
Winters' short list of needs. Prompt: bath.

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